International Women’s​ Day/ Mothers day

So, this week we celebrated international women’s day and it made me think of all the women in my life. For a lot of us girls, when new guys come into our lives or just any guy that we like we spend a lot of time and effort on them. So many times a guy f**k’s us over and we think it’s the end of the world but somehow we carry on living and a huge part of that is in fact because of the women in our lives. Their strength and encouragement, the way they lift us up when we are down. A lot of these actions go un-thanked, it’s just part being a friend or a sister or a mother. I don’t know, but when a guy does something for me I think “oh my god”, he so sweet and like I will think a guy is the best person in the world for being there for me or supporting me this one time. When my mum, sister, aunties, friends or cousins are there for me all the time and every time. What I’m trying to say is that the women in my life do so much for me and women, in general, do a lot that goes unnoticed and un-thanked.

For international women’s day, I had a look at some statistics. The UK pride themselves on the fact that they have now had 2 women prime ministers and compared to other western countries such as the USA it is somewhat of an achievement. However, when I really looked at it, the UK has had 75 prime ministers and the population in this country is pretty much split half and half between women and men, I don’t know how only having 2 women out of 75 prime ministers is an achievement. I know that women only got the vote 100 years ago but it’s still not good enough, it is not good enough that there was even a time when women didn’t have the vote and men did. Anyway that being said there are still debates about whether women are strong leaders or even capable leaders. Some question whether a woman would be able to press the nuclear button. My answer to that is, what kind of evil heartless person would you have to be, to press a button that would wipe out a whole country, babies, children, the disabled! Feminine characteristics are seen as nurturing, sensitive and emotional. People associate these characteristics as being weak compared to the ideas we have of masculinity, just the word masculinity makes us think of strength. To me there are different types of strength, yes there is physical strength but in the world we live in, being able to show empathy and emotion is an example of true strength. I am not saying that all women are bound by these characteristics but people associate women with them and they should not be seen as negative or weak. If we had more women leaders that showed these characteristics maybe we wouldn’t live in such an evil world. No, I am not saying all men are evil lol I’m just saying the world would be more balanced and measured. We need to feel emotion when making such crucial decisions, how can it be seen as a weakness to be emotional when making decisions that can end in life or death.

Anyway, we can talk about world leaders and inspirational people and strength but this week we are also celebrating Mother’s Day. I’m sure, man or woman most of you will agree that your mums are inspirational and probably the strongest person we know. How do women give birth to us, literally bring us into this world and raise us but yet we question whether they can hold powerful positions in society? I have thought about my own mum a lot recently. I don’t want this to be all soppy because that is definitely not the type of relationship I have with mum at all. When I was younger me and my mum would be at each other’s throat all the time as mothers and daughters do. As I have got older, well really only recently I have looked back and sometimes I just can’t comprehend the strength of mothers. My mum was married for 13 years before she got divorced. As girls, we go through our fair share of heartbreaks. I’m sure many of us have had those days or weeks lol when we think we are never going to get over it and never find anyone else and it hurts. You know like sometimes we think our world is falling apart and we don’t want to get out of bed or do anything. Looking back, I never saw my mum crumble. I never saw her just sitting in bed watching sad films, crying her eyes out. She got up and went to work every day, she cooked dinner and her life didn’t stop. She couldn’t stop her daily routines because she had two daughters to look after and I genuinely don’t know how she did it. Being a mother is the definition of a thankless job. I have friends that are single mothers and sometimes when I think about things they do it makes me realise how things were for my mum. In most cases when parents separate, the children predominantly stay with their mums. Day in day out, mums look after their kids, feed them, cloth them do all the day to day jobs, that are not glamorous or fun. When you’re younger you don’t appreciate things like that you take them for granted. Our dad would come and take us on holiday for a week to Dubai and we would think he was the dad of the year. I’m not saying he was a bad dad I’m just saying at the time we would obviously be excited and thankful for that and not our mum making us dinner every day. Her ability to go on and the ability that most mums have to just carry on and keep going for their kids is something I will probably never understand until I have my own kids. When I get upset I feel like I can’t concentrate and can’t write my essays but for my mum and loads of mums that’s not an option, there’s not an option to just have a day off from being a mum.

So yes, this week was international women’s day and today we celebrate the most important women in our lives, our mums. I guess the sentiment of this post is to show some appreciation to all the amazing women in my life, especially my mum and to show that a woman’s strength is so much more than being able to carry heavy boxes.


The Beginning of the End?


It seems to be that every time I turn on the news, or check my twitter feed that there has been another allegation of sexual harassment from another well-known face, and quite frankly I couldn’t be happier. There is a hell of a lot more work to be done in the fight to stop sexual harassment but shedding light on the cases that we have heard in the last few weeks is a huge step in the right direction.

Now don’t get me wrong I do have my criticisms of what has been happening which I will explain, but just the simple fact that men such as Harvey Weinstein are being called out for their actions can be nothing but a good thing.

For too long there has been a culture where certain men think they have the right to sexually harass women and men, and for too long their victims have been silenced. A lot of these men in powerful positions also have a lot of money which for some reason has given these men a sense of entitlement, they can have everything else they want so why not a person’s body?

It is very hard for me to not generalise writing this piece as I am a woman and most of the victims we have heard about have been women, however, we have heard allegations from men as well and it is very important to remember that men are also victims of sexual abuse. This post, however, will focus very heavily on the sense of entitlement from men towards women.

Men, Sexual Harassment, and Rape Culture

Throughout the years when people have spoken about rape and sexual harassment in many cases it has been focused on:

  1. Educating women on how not to get raped/harassed
  2. Somehow justifying certain cases of rape/harassment

So, I guess first I want to go through a few things that I believe to be common sense, these are not debatable they are just facts. Firstly, the only way a woman can prevent herself from being raped is to not be in close proximity to a rapist. This is obviously not plausible as there is no way of telling if someone is a rapist until they rape you, unfortunately. No item of clothing is going to prevent a rapist from being a rapist unless you want all women to walk around in chastity belts. The fact that in 2017 people can still pay attention to what a woman was wearing when she got raped is truly horrifying. So, what if a woman is wearing a low-cut top or a short skirt, I don’t even care if a woman is walking down the street naked that is not an invitation to her body.

When has a window display ever been used as justification for stealing? ‘oh yeah the jumper looked so good on that display I had to steal it’ Should t companies stop advertising to prevent theft??? I’ve never heard anyone suggest that before.

The reason why women are still having to deal with questions on their outfits is due to the complete lack of education that men have been receiving regarding these issues. Not only is it important for women’s safety for men to be educated in consent but is also for the man.

I’m sure there have been many occasions where a woman could have been prevented from being raped if men understood what proper consent is. If I was a man in this day and age I wouldn’t even think of going near a heavily drunk woman who I didn’t know, let alone taking her back home with me. Why would you even want to have sex with someone who is nearly unconscious? And I really do sympathise with men that have been prosecuted for just crossing that fine line because there is no real system in place to actually educate them on what that fine line really is.

Also, I am not being ignorant to the fact that if you are walking home late at night then yes you may be putting yourself in more danger not just danger of sexual assault but even just being robbed. Seeing a girl by herself a night when no one is about can make it easier for a rapist to target you but it’s not going to turn an innocent man into a rapist and I think that’s where a lot of people get it wrong.

There also needs to be a huge attitude change from men in regards to these issues, speaking solely from my own experiences, I have had many discussions with my male friends about these issues and there has just been such a negative connotation towards women who have come forward about rape/ harassment. On many occasions whilst discussing specific cases with male friends or colleagues, their first response has been ‘she’s probably lying’. I completely accept that there are definitely cases where woman lie about being abused or harassed and I also accept that young men who live in urbanised areas have probably been more exposed to these scenarios. However, this response is also due to a lack of education. Yes, there are some women that lie and there are also some men that wrongfully convicted of rape but in actual fact, most rapes are not even reported and even when they are most of them do not even reach court due to lack of evidence ( ). There are thousands of women who get abused or harassed and stay silent, the cases we are hearing about now in the media are a prime example of that.

The cases we have heard about in the media, however, are not down to lack of education and not knowing boundaries but it comes from pure arrogance and abuse of power. The allegations that these Hollywood men are faced with are sadly similar to many women’s experiences in the workplace, especially in male-dominated environments. Gender equality in the workplace is not just about pay it is also about having both men and woman in powerful positions and I think that is very important if we want to start seeing an end to this behavior, along with victims speaking out and reporting their ordeals.

Women, Sexual Harassment, and Rape Culture

Now if you haven’t disagreed with any of my points yet I think some of you probably will with what I’m about to say next…

So for many women who come forward about sexual assault, it can be very traumatic for them, for many reasons such as embarrassment or having to relive the event or they may just feel ashamed and not want to talk about it which I totally understand. I would always say that women should try their hardest to come forward about such events just to try and prevent it from happening to another woman but I understand why that is hard. The system is designed so that a person must be proven guilty not proven innocent, that means a woman must prove she was raped which just sounds horrible really.

But I want to talk specifically about some of the actresses that spoke out about their horrible experiences with Harvey Weinstein. A lot of people have come out in support for these women exclaiming that they are very brave, which in many of the cases is true. Where I struggle is with particular cases such as Rose Mcgowan’s case and she’s not the only one but I will use her as an example as she has been very vocal and done a lot of finger pointing. I’m sorry but I don’t think it is ‘brave’ for her or anyone else to come out and say that they were raped or abused but then accepted money from their abuser to keep quiet.

I actually think is it is a really big problem that someone would accept hush money from rich men in order to not report them to the police. Firstly, what does that say about your body, $100,000 is how much her body was worth? Secondly, it just allows these rich powerful men to carry on doing the same thing to other women because they think that a bit of money will keep them quiet. Thirdly, how can you accept any sort of compensation for someone raping you and taking away control over your body and for many people taking away their dignity? Maybe I’m being harsh but for me, it seems like a cheque or their careers as actresses were more important to some of these women than the safety of other women because ultimately not reporting him allowed him to carry on doing it. I know there was a case where a woman did report Weinstein and the police didn’t follow up the case and I can’t imagine how difficult that must be but I definitely don’t think taking money off your rapist is the answer to it.

The second problem I have with Rose Mcgowan is that she had a lot to say to some of her male colleagues such as Matt Damon, she tweeted him saying ‘Hey @mattdamon what’s it like to be a spineless profiteer who stays silent?’ Well no actually because if he is a silent profiteer then so are you!! The picture of Harvey Weinstein and Rose Mcgowan above was taken in 2007, 10 years after she had accused him of rape and took a settlement. I don’t think it is right to point the finger at men for staying quiet when women also stayed quiet including the victims. If we want gender equality, then that also means taking responsibility and not expecting men to do things for us. You can’t in one breathe say we want to be equal to men and we can do all the same things but then in another breathe expect men to carry out their ‘manly duties’ such as protecting.

I am definitely a feminist and I believe in equality but I also accept that men and women have different roles in life and that is just down to basic human reproduction. Men will never be able to give birth (well I hope not) that in itself makes us different. We can still be equal and be equally respected and equally as smart whilst still accepting that we are different.

This is not even about gender roles or gender equality sorry I got off topic, my point was however that women can’t expect sexual harassment to just suddenly stop, it would be nice if it did but it won’t. Women can’t expect it to be a man’s job to fight for women’s rights, yes they can help but ultimately it is for women to speak out about these issues with men supporting them not doing it for them.

Like I said earlier I can fully sympathise with women who don’t want to speak up about their horrible ordeals but actually, that is probably one of the biggest ways to fight this behavior. Also, it is not the blame of these women but it just annoys me that some of the women that came out with stories about Harvey Weinstein are literally some of the most high profile well-respected people in Hollywood. Angelina Jolie has spoken for the UN and I know it is not solely her responsibility but she has a huge platform and a lot of power in Hollywood, I don’t understand why a person like that would stay quiet about Weinstein’s behavior for so long.

To be honest actually, I do think it is the responsibility of women to come forward about issues like this and actually it is probably one of the most effective ways to prevent rape and sexual abuse. There definitely needs to be a lot more done to make women feel more comfortable to come forward about their ordeals. However, I don’t think that this should be over social media or that it should be allowed to accuse a man of rape/ sexual harassment unless it is at a police station of under proper procedures. You can’t just have people on twitter with thousands or sometimes millions of followers accusing men of rape and there must be some protection for men in these scenarios.

So yes although I do think it is a huge step in the right direction that woman are exposing these horrible experiences there definitely needs to be a better system put in place.

National Anthem? Not my National Anthem!!

National Anthem? Not My National Anthem: An Introduction

After the UK voted out of the EU it brought up some very uncomfortable issues for me that really made me think about ethnic minorities in the UK. Some time has past and most of us have gone back to living our normal lives pretty much unaffected by the results of the referendum. However, something brought these uncomfortable issues back up and it was the debate in the US about the NFL players taking the knee.

Now there are definitely many issues in the US that make me uncomfortable but this issue really stuck out to me because it made me question my own identity just like the EU referendum. It made me question, that as an ethnic minority living in countries such as the UK and the US, will we ever truly belong here?

The answer that always comes to my head sadly is no.

Growing up I felt just as British as my white English classmates and these sorts of issues never affected me. Luckily, I have never suffered from any racial abuse or have never felt inferior to my white counterparts. But, when you get older you notice little things like when people ask you where you’re from and you say England but because I’m brown they’d say but where are you really from. Up until 3 years ago when I started university I didn’t have much knowledge on colonialism and what the actual effects of colonisation were and are. I can actually clearly remember being in primary school and learning about the British Empire and thinking it was amazing and saying ‘we ruled the whole world’. What a big fat joke, ‘we’ talking about the British Empire coming from a little brown girl who was from both Pakistan and India. It is actually laughable.

Anyway, sometimes I think to myself will there ever be a time when people will stop asking me or my kids or grandkids where we are originally from, but more importantly, do I want people to stop asking me that? Well my answer came when the results of the EU referendum came out and then again during this NFL debate. My answer was that although us as ethnic minorities work here, contribute to society, bring up our children here and embrace everything that this country has to offer we will never belong here.

Sadly, as much as we might love this country, it doesn’t love us back.

National Anthem? Not My National Anthem: A US Perspective

Firstly, I’m going to share my views on the situation in America and what really prompted me to write this mini-series blog post. So, A couple of weekends ago I was watching a weekend breakfast show, where they had some guests on the sofa discussing the racial tensions in the US and whether they thought it was right for sports stars to express their political views. I remember watching it and becoming infuriated as the two white guests expressed that they thought that public figures such as sports players and musicians should stay out of politics. One of the main reasons was because people pay to see concerts or go to sports games because they enjoy the sport or music and they don’t pay to see political expressions.

Now, this is going to sound harsh and maybe I’m overreacting but what that sounded like to me was that black people are good enough to represent the US in the Olympics or to put on a show but not to express their views or stand up for their rights. It’s like going back to the 1960s where there was still segregation in the US and Muhammad Ali had just won his Gold Olympic Medal in Rome and when he returned they still would not serve him in an all-white diner. He trained and fought so hard to represent a country that refused to serve him food in certain places because he was not white. It was offensive that two white people were sitting there saying, I just want to enjoy a pop concert or a basketball game. It was like they were saying ‘just shut up and perform for us, it doesn’t matter how you’re being mistreated’.

For young black kids, it is important for their role models such as sports players and musicians to make a stand for them as they have massive platforms. It is also ironic how celebrities especially black celebrities are used during political campaigns to engage ethnic minorities and young people and that’s fine for everyone but if it’s the other way round it’s a problem.Sometimes, I feel like there would be more outrage if there were a video of a policeman beating up a dog then a black man. So, for people to criticize these athletes for refusing to stand for the national anthem of a country that treats people who look like them as second-class citizens

This is not just about unarmed black men being shot dead for no reason by police even though that is enough for it to be, but it is about the systematic racism that takes place in the US that actually doesn’t allow most black families to beat the system and come out of poverty.

How can you expect Black Americans to feel patriotic and believe in the American dream when to be frank, black people aren’t included in that dream?

Yes, the policing system is bad, in fact, I watched a documentary on Netflix about Kalief Browder who was constantly attacked in jail by inmates and prison guards and no one did anything about it, and to be honest I don’t know how I watched the whole thing without smashing my laptop. Kalief was not even found guilty of a charge but he was just left to rot in prison because he was black, lived in poverty and couldn’t afford bail. He was not an exception, there are hundreds of black boys who get arrested in the US and must spend years in jail because they can’t afford bail and they have to wait years for a court date.

The system is not just designed to keep black people in jail but it is also designed to keep them poor.

I’m sure a lot of you will argue that the world order is designed to keep the poor people poor and rich people rich. But in the US it is just so much more blatant and in your face. In the US, the community funds most schools that they’re in. This means that if you live in a poor neighborhood your school is not going to be funded very well which makes it harder for you to get a good education, which then makes it harder for you to go into higher education or get a good job. Which then leads to poverty and crime. I think you get my point; I’m not going to go on any more about the system because I think we can agree that it is fucked!

My point is, how are black people supposed to have pride in an anthem and a country that doesn’t have pride in them? As for being disrespectful to veterans, I can’t think of any legal justified war that the US has been a part of since World War 1 and 2 and just like musicians and sports starts I’m sure they would be happy for black men to sign up for the army and fight for the country and even so the country never fights for them. This is not an attack on all white people and I’m sure there are a lot of white people who care about the civil rights of black people or the mistreatment of many minority groups but it just gets harder and harder to swallow when all those people in the US voted for a racist president.

National Anthem? Not My National Anthem: A UK Perspective

Here in the UK it’s hard not to generalise or to wonder if many of the white English people you speak to at work or in the shops secretly don’t want you here.There were actually very logical reasons for wanting to leave the EU other than just wanting there to be ‘controlled immigration’, for example not wanting to be a part of a capitalist institution that enforced free movement and free trade, which allowed multi-national companies to get away with paying little or no tax and kept very rich people rich. However, this reason like many other logical reasons was not used during the leave campaign. What was used was a poster of refugees queuing up to enter Europe as they had to leave the war-torn countries they were from because over 10 years ago the UK and the US started an illegal war in Iraq which lead to most of the Middle East becoming unstable.

Phew now that I got that off my chest let’s get to my point… It was these images and the leave campaign that was based on anti-immigration policies that won the majority over.

I don’t think it is bad for wanting to control immigration but there was something more sinister about this vote and it was something along the lines of Donald Trump’s slogan ‘Make America Great Again’. I think the vote came from a very frustrated bunch of people who were tired and unhappy of seeing the country change so much in culture and population. I had people I knew who were black and Asian say to me ‘I’m voting out because the country is overpopulated and we don’t want any more immigrants coming in’ and it was just odd to me that they thought they were more welcome in this country that white Europeans LOL. I didn’t read that campaign as not wanting young Spanish, German or Italian people to come to the UK and work and if you did I think you are a bit deluded.

For me that campaign was saying:

  1. We don’t want Eastern Europeans here.
  2. We don’t want Muslim refugees here or Muslims in general (that’s why Turkey becoming part of the EU was used as part of the leave campaign).
  3. It was white people saying they wanted their country back.

The reason I felt so sad after watching the results was not because we were leaving the EU but for the first time in my 26 years of living (well 25 at the time) but because, I felt like the country I had been born in and grown up in wasn’t really mine. I genuinely thought that there might be people on the streets telling me to go back home. I don’t even know where I would go, both of my parents were born here and I am literally from two different countries that hate each other.

The point of this is, that some of you may already be dealing with this identity struggle like myself or you may be forced to deal with it in the near future as we live in very uncertain times and I think it is important for people like myself from ethnic minorities to start recognising what is actually going on and being prepared to deal with it.

Remember​ Grenfell

It has been two months since Grenfell fire. Unsurprisingly, a lot of you have stopped talking about it, just like our media outlets and of course not forgetting the deafening silence from our government. Some might think this is ‘old news’ and might think it is a bit weird that I am choosing now to speak about what happened on the 14th of June 2017, but I think right now is a perfect time.

A couple of weeks ago the government announced that they would cover the burnt tower, which many of the victims were grateful for as the sight of it brings back horrible memories that are too much to endure. Obviously, the victims are the number one priority here but I would hate to think that this would be a case of ‘out of sight out of mind’. The charred black building towering over North Kensington is a reminder of what happened on the 14th of June. It is a reminder of all the people that were murdered in the fire. It is also a reminder that there are still so many people unaccounted for, families who cannot mourn the death of their loved ones as their bodies have not been recovered or named, victims who are not in permanent housing… and murderers who are not in jail.

The black tower is a stain on our society in more ways than one. The most vulnerable people in society lived in Grenfell tower. People who have fled war torn countries and come to England to finally be safe and bring up their children without fear of being killed were put into a death trap and betrayed by our government. People who suffered from disabilities and just some of the poorest people in our society were put into this tower and left to die. I know it sounds harsh but it is the truth of the situation. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that shit happens, fires do happen all the time, but this can’t be seen as just an accident or an unfortunate event that couldn’t have been prevented because the truth is it could have been prevented. I’m sure you have heard a lot of this before but I don’t know about you but whenever I think of what happened at Grenfell I feel the same anger as I did when I first heard about it. Residents in the building were just left there, they complained and notified the authorities so many times about the fire safety of the building, they alerted the council on many occasions about there being no sprinklers or working fire alarms even TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE FIRE! This was pure negligence. The people that lived there were poor and not seen by the government or local council to be of any value and so they were ignored and left to live in unsafe conditions which eventually led to their deaths. Not to mention the flammable cladding that was the reason for all of the deaths was simply a cheaply resourced material on the building to make it look prettier for all the rich people who lived in the area, so they didn’t have to look at a building that represented poverty.

That is not even the worst part. After the fire no one took responsibility for it or to apologise, not even our government or our Prime Minister. Then they didn’t even offer sufficient support. The victims were told they would be rehoused in two weeks. Two months on there are still families living in temporary accommodation, in some cases four family members hearing one hotel room. I just think it is extraordinary that in this day and age where everything can be recorded and put on the internet that the government still think that they can lie to us and not just lie to us but blatantly break promises and just go on as normal.

The point of this was not to rant even though it was so easy to. What happened at Grenfell was one of the most heartbreaking things I have witnessed and yes people die every day but all the factors that caused this atrocity just make it unbearable. The point of this post is to one remind us all of the injustice these people have suffered and are still suffering and it is our responsibility to never forget what happened at Grenfell but to also demand justice and not let this be swept under the carpet.

Never forget Grenfell.

Manchester Attack

We hear about ghastly attacks all over the world these days, pretty much on a daily basis but personally I haven’t been this taken aback in a very long time. To plan such an awful attack, targeting children is something I just can’t get my head around and whatever your political views, the only cause for such a crime is pure evil. There is not much more I can say about the attack, but that it is truly heart-breaking.

Since I first heard of what happened last night I have been stuck to twitter looking for updates. At the time, no one was sure what had happened and I genuinely thought it had to be an electrical fault of some sort. Why would anyone attack an Ariana Grande concert it just didn’t even occur to me that anyone would do such a thing. However as more and more reports came in, I was firstly in shock but secondly I was hopelessly praying that the bomber wasn’t Muslim and this seems to be the case every time I hear of these sorts of attacks. It’s the same thing every time, half of my twitter feed are already blaming Muslims before any knows who was responsible, and then the other half defending Islam and getting angry because people have automatically assumed that a ‘Muslim’ is responsible.

Firstly, I don’t think we can be offended anymore if people assume these attacks are carried out by Muslims because quite frankly most of the time they are. Just like when we hear of mass shootings in American schools and we assume the perpetrators are evil little white kids. This however does not mean that Islam is it blame or that somehow all Muslims are responsible and should feel some sense of remorse. No, Muslims should not be apologising for crimes committed by other Muslims that they don’t even know, what sense does that make. Just like I don’t expect all old white men to apologise for the likes of Rolf Harris and Jimmy Savile. The biggest victims of ISIS are in fact Muslims, should they be apologising to themselves?

Some people such as Piers Morgan are calling for Muslims to do more and I just don’t know what that means. Are all Muslims supposed to have telepathic powers with other Muslims? Some people may disagree with what I’m about to say… but look, I get it, if one type of person keeps committing the same type of horrific attacks, people are going to become resentful. We all like to be politically correct, Muslims are outraged that all Muslims are being painted with the same brush but let’s be real we are all human. In the same way, I am sure there are many Muslims who resent countries such as the UK, US and European communities, due to the actions of their governments and this is probably why we see such atrocities taking place (this does not excuse or justify them). It is completely wrong to blame a whole religion or community for the actions of a few and expect them to feel responsible for the actions of a few but maybe there are things we can all do. For example, whilst on twitter I also saw tweets where people were condemning the attacks but following their condemnation with a but, tweets such as ‘This attack is so bad BUT there are children dying from bombs in Syria’ or ‘the UK and the US are also terrorists they bomb innocent people too’. I do not disagree with these tweets; they are factually correct and I used to feel the same way watching the news and witnessing how the lives of white civilians just seem so much more important to brown ones. However, in such a horrific attack I feel like comments like that just push peoples backs up. Yes, young children are dying in Syria but does that mean the mother who just lost her 8-year-old daughter at a pop concert is going to grieve any less than a Syrian mother.

The fact of the matter is that after these events, politicians and community leaders exclaim that such tragedies should unite us and that we can’t let the terrorists win but these events are dividing us more and more. We are a divided nation the EU referendum was a clear example of that and it’s only going to get worse as these types of events are becoming more and more frequent. I would love to finish this off with a solution but I don’t have one and it doesn’t look like any of our leaders have one either, maybe we could just try to be a little bit more compassionate and understanding, even if it doesn’t stop these horrible events it might make the aftermaths of them a bit more bearable than the constant blame game or competition for what mothers feel more pain when they are burying their children.

General Election 2017!!! Who would have thought ??

So we have exactly 49 days until Britain’s fate for the next five years is sealed, Actually, who knows if that’s even true; at this rate we would be lucky to keep the same person in power for one year, let alone five.

I’ve seen a lot of people criticise May for going back on her word – only days before the announcement she assured the country that she wasn’t going to hold a snap general election – but to be honest I think this was a really well played move from our PM and I am personally very happy with this decision. Firstly, I think it was well played from May because she’s calling this election just as article 50 triggered and just before negotiations to take Britain out of the EU begin. To me ladies and gentlemen, this looks like a devious plan from the Prime Minister, because quite frankly I think she knows she is going to fuck us all over in these negotiations. Consider, the next general election campaign would have started just after these negotiations end in about two years. This would have been be at a time where Britain had just witnessed our government’s attempts and probable failures to get us the best deal, and let’s be honest I reckon there will be a lot of things we are not going to be happy about. Just a small, ok maybe big example, the Westminster elite yes both conservatives and labour and the rest want to stay in the single market and I don’t think they’re gonna budge on this, do you really think the EU is going to allow that with a ‘controlled’ immigration policy. I could be wrong but it just doesn’t seem realistic to me and I don’t think thats what people had in mind when they voted to leave the EU.

My senses also predict that two years is probably enough time for labour to think of a cunning plan to get Mr. Corbyn out of their leadership position and may have a somewhat organised party again (this is no dig at Corbyn, I defo have a soft spot for old jezza which you will soon see). Of course, all of this are just my predictions but judging by recent events two years is a very long time in politics and anything could happen, but I think even if Theresa May turns out to be the next Mother Teresa in the next two years and opens a hospital for wounded puppies she has still got more of a chance of staying in power on the June the 8th than in threes years.

Unless people open their damn eyes and see the choice they have in front of them without buying into this hate campaign the British media and most of our politicians have created against Mr Corbyn. Yes, I might have rose tinted glasses on when it comes to Jeremy but I am not that naive I understand that he is lacking some major leadership qualities but has he even been given a chance. Even during the labour leadership contest (the first one), you had MP’s refusing to be a part of his cabinet and this was even before he had got the job. I can’t understand what people think is so bad about a guy that wants poor people to have food and not have to go to food banks and who also didn’t want to start dropping drones on little kids in Syria. Like for fuck sake he really  sound like a monster. Ok, I’m taking the glasses off, I get it his economic plans may seem a little far-fetched and will probably leave us in a lot of debt but how much damage can he really do? (hmm, maybe don’t answer that). All I’m trying to say is we could be on the verge of a World War 3 or we might all die from global warming before we can even come to terms with Britains debt, maybe we should elect a prime minister who actually cares about human lives. The world wants change, we have seen that in our very own referendum and also in the US election. We don’t want these phoney politicians anymore and i feel like Corbyn is the kind of change we need. Will he be able to handle a world war? I tell you one thing, I don’t see him being Trump’s lap dog and I think that is way more honourable than May’s refusal to stand up to Trump or even express her dissatisfaction with some of Trump’s decisions. God, don’t we want to be on the right side of history?

I do genuinely believe right now in this moment in time that the conservative party will win the election with a huge majority, however the revolutionist in me really hopes that people see this this election as a real opportunity for change. Donald Fuckin Trump is the President of the United States of America and Le Pen is looking pretty popular in France, we could vote for the balance that this world needs.

Welcome to Political Outlaw 91

I am a politics student in my final year needing a place to express myself and fill the gap that will be left with me once I have left university. I can’t say that I am the studious type, but my time at university has been filled with many heated debates on current affairs and world politics. I have had occasions where I call my friends up at 2 am wanting to discuss the after effects of British colonisation or, I don’t know, how important education for girls is in developing countries and I can’t lie they don’t always seem that enthusiastic about it at the specific moment, so I think it is time for me to start a blog. Mainly for myself because my friends are starting to ignore my calls but also there might actually be people who are interested in my thoughts.

So, first off, I have a lot to say but I am not very good at saying it, my grammar is atrocious which you’ve probably already realised. There is nothing professional about this blog, I swear, I use basic English and I can imagine sometimes it might be offensive.

I thought I would tell you a bit about myself because my views are really going to confuse you, sometimes you are probably going to think I am a rich old white man and other times you’re probably going to think I’m a hippy vegan that hates war but probably nothing in-between.

I am a 25 year old woman and I was born in London, England. My parents were both born in England too. My mums’ parents are both Indian and my dads’ are both Pakistani. I know it is quite weird as both countries hate each other. I can’t say my grandparents were too happy about it at the time, but they got over it and my parents are divorced now so I guess they should have listened to their parents lol. My mum’s family are Hindus and my dad’s are Muslim and I have also been raised as a Muslim however I can’t say that I am very religious.

Let’s just get it out there, I am a feminist. I love the Kardashians and my favourite program is BBC question time. I grew up in Croydon but now live in Wimbledon and go to uni in Birmingham and I also lived in Dubai for a while. Whatever preconceived ideas you may have about my opinions I think you will probably be wrong.