General Election 2017!!! Who would have thought ??

So we have exactly 49 days until Britain’s fate for the next five years is sealed, Actually, who knows if that’s even true; at this rate we would be lucky to keep the same person in power for one year, let alone five.

I’ve seen a lot of people criticise May for going back on her word – only days before the announcement she assured the country that she wasn’t going to hold a snap general election – but to be honest I think this was a really well played move from our PM and I am personally very happy with this decision. Firstly, I think it was well played from May because she’s calling this election just as article 50 triggered and just before negotiations to take Britain out of the EU begin. To me ladies and gentlemen, this looks like a devious plan from the Prime Minister, because quite frankly I think she knows she is going to fuck us all over in these negotiations. Consider, the next general election campaign would have started just after these negotiations end in about two years. This would have been be at a time where Britain had just witnessed our government’s attempts and probable failures to get us the best deal, and let’s be honest I reckon there will be a lot of things we are not going to be happy about. Just a small, ok maybe big example, the Westminster elite yes both conservatives and labour and the rest want to stay in the single market and I don’t think they’re gonna budge on this, do you really think the EU is going to allow that with a ‘controlled’ immigration policy. I could be wrong but it just doesn’t seem realistic to me and I don’t think thats what people had in mind when they voted to leave the EU.

My senses also predict that two years is probably enough time for labour to think of a cunning plan to get Mr. Corbyn out of their leadership position and may have a somewhat organised party again (this is no dig at Corbyn, I defo have a soft spot for old jezza which you will soon see). Of course, all of this are just my predictions but judging by recent events two years is a very long time in politics and anything could happen, but I think even if Theresa May turns out to be the next Mother Teresa in the next two years and opens a hospital for wounded puppies she has still got more of a chance of staying in power on the June the 8th than in threes years.

Unless people open their damn eyes and see the choice they have in front of them without buying into this hate campaign the British media and most of our politicians have created against Mr Corbyn. Yes, I might have rose tinted glasses on when it comes to Jeremy but I am not that naive I understand that he is lacking some major leadership qualities but has he even been given a chance. Even during the labour leadership contest (the first one), you had MP’s refusing to be a part of his cabinet and this was even before he had got the job. I can’t understand what people think is so bad about a guy that wants poor people to have food and not have to go to food banks and who also didn’t want to start dropping drones on little kids in Syria. Like for fuck sake he really  sound like a monster. Ok, I’m taking the glasses off, I get it his economic plans may seem a little far-fetched and will probably leave us in a lot of debt but how much damage can he really do? (hmm, maybe don’t answer that). All I’m trying to say is we could be on the verge of a World War 3 or we might all die from global warming before we can even come to terms with Britains debt, maybe we should elect a prime minister who actually cares about human lives. The world wants change, we have seen that in our very own referendum and also in the US election. We don’t want these phoney politicians anymore and i feel like Corbyn is the kind of change we need. Will he be able to handle a world war? I tell you one thing, I don’t see him being Trump’s lap dog and I think that is way more honourable than May’s refusal to stand up to Trump or even express her dissatisfaction with some of Trump’s decisions. God, don’t we want to be on the right side of history?

I do genuinely believe right now in this moment in time that the conservative party will win the election with a huge majority, however the revolutionist in me really hopes that people see this this election as a real opportunity for change. Donald Fuckin Trump is the President of the United States of America and Le Pen is looking pretty popular in France, we could vote for the balance that this world needs.


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