Manchester Attack

We hear about ghastly attacks all over the world these days, pretty much on a daily basis but personally I haven’t been this taken aback in a very long time. To plan such an awful attack, targeting children is something I just can’t get my head around and whatever your political views, the only cause for such a crime is pure evil. There is not much more I can say about the attack, but that it is truly heart-breaking.

Since I first heard of what happened last night I have been stuck to twitter looking for updates. At the time, no one was sure what had happened and I genuinely thought it had to be an electrical fault of some sort. Why would anyone attack an Ariana Grande concert it just didn’t even occur to me that anyone would do such a thing. However as more and more reports came in, I was firstly in shock but secondly I was hopelessly praying that the bomber wasn’t Muslim and this seems to be the case every time I hear of these sorts of attacks. It’s the same thing every time, half of my twitter feed are already blaming Muslims before any knows who was responsible, and then the other half defending Islam and getting angry because people have automatically assumed that a ‘Muslim’ is responsible.

Firstly, I don’t think we can be offended anymore if people assume these attacks are carried out by Muslims because quite frankly most of the time they are. Just like when we hear of mass shootings in American schools and we assume the perpetrators are evil little white kids. This however does not mean that Islam is it blame or that somehow all Muslims are responsible and should feel some sense of remorse. No, Muslims should not be apologising for crimes committed by other Muslims that they don’t even know, what sense does that make. Just like I don’t expect all old white men to apologise for the likes of Rolf Harris and Jimmy Savile. The biggest victims of ISIS are in fact Muslims, should they be apologising to themselves?

Some people such as Piers Morgan are calling for Muslims to do more and I just don’t know what that means. Are all Muslims supposed to have telepathic powers with other Muslims? Some people may disagree with what I’m about to say… but look, I get it, if one type of person keeps committing the same type of horrific attacks, people are going to become resentful. We all like to be politically correct, Muslims are outraged that all Muslims are being painted with the same brush but let’s be real we are all human. In the same way, I am sure there are many Muslims who resent countries such as the UK, US and European communities, due to the actions of their governments and this is probably why we see such atrocities taking place (this does not excuse or justify them). It is completely wrong to blame a whole religion or community for the actions of a few and expect them to feel responsible for the actions of a few but maybe there are things we can all do. For example, whilst on twitter I also saw tweets where people were condemning the attacks but following their condemnation with a but, tweets such as ‘This attack is so bad BUT there are children dying from bombs in Syria’ or ‘the UK and the US are also terrorists they bomb innocent people too’. I do not disagree with these tweets; they are factually correct and I used to feel the same way watching the news and witnessing how the lives of white civilians just seem so much more important to brown ones. However, in such a horrific attack I feel like comments like that just push peoples backs up. Yes, young children are dying in Syria but does that mean the mother who just lost her 8-year-old daughter at a pop concert is going to grieve any less than a Syrian mother.

The fact of the matter is that after these events, politicians and community leaders exclaim that such tragedies should unite us and that we can’t let the terrorists win but these events are dividing us more and more. We are a divided nation the EU referendum was a clear example of that and it’s only going to get worse as these types of events are becoming more and more frequent. I would love to finish this off with a solution but I don’t have one and it doesn’t look like any of our leaders have one either, maybe we could just try to be a little bit more compassionate and understanding, even if it doesn’t stop these horrible events it might make the aftermaths of them a bit more bearable than the constant blame game or competition for what mothers feel more pain when they are burying their children.


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